Monday, March 17, 2008

2001 VS 2008

March 17th - 18th 2001:

Location: Dublin Ireland

Players: me, cousin Jen, friend Sara, various drunken Irish people and other travellers

Event: St Patricks Day and Ushering my 30th birthday

Goings ons: Started drinking around 10am at the Guiness Brewery ... give me my free pint lass! Napped at the hotel. Continued drinking at various bars. Slightly bummed the parade was cancelled due to hoof and mouth disease, drowned sorrows in Guiness in IRELAND. Had to keep drinking through to the next day which was my birthday.

Birthday morning: A giant birthday HoHo (this sounds bad ... it was a CAKE people!). Couldn't really enjoy it because of the Guiness.

March 17- 18th 2008

Location: Minneapolis, Roseville, St. Paul MN - work, home, Chili's

Players: work people, Lucy, Mel, Morgan (later in the evening, a drunk Jen [some things never change])

Event: drs appointment, work, Lucy chiropactor, chasing Lucy, dinner at Chili's and cleaning the toilet

Goings ons: Shopped at Once Upon a Child for used kids clothes, let Lucy play in the ball pit, listened to Lucy say "i no like you momma not EVER" every time I said no. Scrubbed the bathroom and removed vinyl St. Patricks day tablecloth from table. Took tylenol pm so I can sleep better tonight.

Birthday plans: Drive Lucy to alternative child-care in St. Paul, work coverage at my agency, go home early, babysit Morgan, take Lucy and Morgan back to St. Paul for Mac and Cheese with cauliflower hidden inside and hopefully happy play time with Isaac and Nathan.

2001 was a lot of fun but 2008 is pretty great!!!


curlz1205 said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! did you see me post?

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

This is your birthday isn't very long!

Ta-da! Happy birthday! Sorry I don't have a giant ho-ho to celebrate with this year. Maybe I will smash a package of Little Debbie's together for you.

Curveball said...

You know when you are old when the gren in the bathroom is not day-old beer, but just good mold.

Nothing like mac-and-cheese with a little veggie hidden inside to make you yearn to be Irish again.

At least you didn't have Lucky Charms for breakfast.

Gad, you are nearing...40!!!!!!!!

Malia'sMama said...

So, what are you saying? Have things changed? ;)
Happy B-day, girl!!!

jayme said...

Happy Birthday Stacy!

Melanie said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!! I'll keep wishing you a HBD until the day is over!!!!!

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday my fellow fish. Mine was the 5th and I got to go to the Children's Hospital (best present though--good news, phew!), spend time with a grey-faced sicky husband, go out to dinner but only to leave before we ordered because while they got our rowdy babes fed in a hurry, they forgot to take the adult's orders and once those babies run out of things to do, eeeks, it's time to run (and I really can't wait 20 mintutes for my next drink!). And no card, no present, no phone calls, NOTHING! (OK, MIL and gramma sent me something this week). Booo-hoooo!

Cindy said...

AND. . . I'm closer to 40 than you are :(

haze said...

Happy Belated Birthday!