Sunday, March 30, 2008

The stuff ...

So the last few days/nights have been somewhat of a blur. I pray it is the steroids and albuterol that have Lucy's sleep all messed up. If it's not the drugs it's the coughing. I just hope the 5 and 6 am mornings are not a new stage. We have had rough nights as well and I am pretty "stupid" right now. My normally half numb brain has gone full numb.

Some good news is that Lucy started her new big girl swim class today. She got bumped up at an accelerated rate. She's not quite three yet and has moved from tots to littles at swim school. The great news for me is that I don't have to go in the pool with her!!! She has a fun little class with two other girls. I did feel like I needed to jump in a couple times because each time the teacher was working with one of the other students, Lucy decided to stick her head under water, and would nearly loose her footing. The other parents thought she was a hoot because their kids were a lot more timid about heads going in the water, so this laughing only encouraged my little fish. Lucy had a great time and I stayed mostly dry.

After an early nap Lucy and I met up with the boys and went hiking. It was quite a mild day and once Lucy and Isaac decided to quit being grumps we had a good time.


Mama Papaya said...

Puddles and a pool. MP would like to move in. Go get some sleep Mama!

cathy said...

Dear Lucy,
I am glad to hear you are still in the "let's pretend to drown and freak out Mom" club. When you agreed to join, you promised to keep your mom at the edge of her seat, never really allowing her to relax within 100 yards of water. Good to know you're living up to club rules.

Malia'sMama said...

Lucy, you are way too cute, but the scaring mama part can stop, k? :)