Thursday, March 6, 2008

Some things about a 2-yr-old

I am having a hard time coming to grips with the reality that in a couple short months my baby will turn three. Three sounds really old to me. Three doesn't sound like a baby at all. I might have to resort to calling her by months now. Oh Lucy, yeah she's 95 months old.

Lucy is growing in so many ways. She is pretty much potty trained. Any problems that she has in the pottying department are directly related to the laziness of her mother. I put a pull-up on her anytime we leave the house. She seldom has a wet pull-up. It's still hard to get her to stop playing and take a potty break but she's pretty damn good.

Lucy isn't quite as picky of an eater. She's expanded her horizons. She seems to go in waves. For example, for the past several months Lucy was pro protein and anti carbs (except for spagetti). The child would not eat bread, pancakes, muffins etc. Now all of a sudden she's turing her nose up on chicken and sausage and asking for pancakes, toast, injera ('opia bread). Well, somehow through the years maybe it'll add up to a balanced diet.

Lucy still loves music. She has an amazing memory for songs and will usually remember what song comes next even on cd's that have been buried for months. She is so cute when she sings. I'll have to try to covertly video her once, she tends to clam up or get silly in front of the camera.

Lucy is pretty perfect at going to bed these days. She'll sometimes cry or argue about going to her room for bed but once there she'll climb into bed, then it's two books (sometimes three) and I can leave. I would love to see it be 7:00 or later for wake up on a consistent, reliable basis.

Enough for now ...


Nancy said...

Stacy, it has been significant for me to be a part of your journey and share in the joy, challenges and growth spurts that you and Lucy have encountered. I will always remember meeting Lucy in a photo at 5 months in the blue bath tub. I can't believe she will be 3. Curses to time and it's movement.

It has helped me as a mother to weather the storms and celebrate with you both. Thank you to Lucy and M for making two momma's hearts swell with the most awesome delight.

So glad our roads intersected :)

P.S. - So potty really does happen, huh?

Malia'sMama said...

Cool about the potty training and man I hear you on the Mama being lazy about it part! But 3... Lucy, slooooow dooooown...

D said...

3? Egads!!!

I just hope the attitude/strength of will doesn't grow TOO linearly with her! :)