Saturday, March 22, 2008


The titles to my last couple posts are as clever as I am feeling at the moment. So life isn't exactly exciting right now. I wish I had some HUGE GINORMOUS announcement... I could announce the arrival of more freakn snow, or the washing and drying of another load of laundry, how about finding 6 pair of Lucy's socks in the castle in our living room (she hates socks, and most clothes) but really life is rolling along with lots of more of the sames.

Lucy sat and watched about 40 minutes of The Sound of Music tonight. If I try hard enough I can turn her into a musical loving geek like myself!

Tomorrow is Easter. Aside from the obvious, this day means that I will have to explain to Lucy why we are NOT going to swimming lessons. The girl knows her days of the weeks: Tuesday=Grandpa and Sunday = swimming.

Look how long her hair is! This is after I trimmed about 1/2" off the ends. My goodness. She likes the "ropes" and spends a lot of time swinging her head around to feel the hair whipping her face.

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