Thursday, March 6, 2008


I have been following a couple blogs written by women who have been in Guatemala fostering their daughters while waiting for the systems to do whatever they have to do to get them OUT. I can't believe what these families have been through/are going through. A month ago, the Guatemala side FINALLY did their thing and gave full legal custody to one of the families. Then wouldn't you know it ... the US side messed with them and now FINALLY they are GOING HOME!!!! Here is the link to their blog. I warn you ... it's a little addicting. Now if only this family could get some good news.


Kerri said...

Isn't it fantastic!!! I'm so excited!
Kerri and Ruby (who will have a new playmate when Eliana comes home)

Mama Papaya said...

Wow! Really puts my not-so-marathon wait into perspective. Congratulations to one family and best wishes to the other!