Thursday, March 20, 2008

Long weekend!

I am happy to report that I don't work today! Happy happy happy. Lucy has 1/2 day of daycare and I am using it. I have exciting plans for scrubbing the kitchen walls. I believe it shall be a great weekend. We had a fun evening last night Lucy was in a pretty easy-going mood. We were babysitting Morgan and made a party of it by inviting our friends Andrea, Maia (7) and Ben (4) to play and have spagetti. Lucy and Morgan enjoyed having a "big sister" to follow around. All of the kids ate a good dinner. Maia and Morgan played in the living room while Lucy and Ben enjoyed art activities at the table. After our friends went home Lucy, Morgan and I went for a walk/wagon ride around the 'hood.

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D said...

Whaaaat!?!! This house looks like too much fun. Do they need a 35 y/o "older sister" to follow around, too?