Monday, November 30, 2009


admittedly this was more of a chore then I anticipated.  Glad I was a successful particpant and glad it's over.  The end came at a perfect time as I just started Christmas projects and all the crafting is seriously biting into my post bedtime computer time.

Gonna do a little Blog Effect test here ... see if "the Effect" still has bite.  I was just pondering Lucy's health this morning.  I believe that the last time she was seen by a doctor and was sick was in April 2009.  Seven months!  Technically the April visit shouldn't count because it was actually her pre-op physical, but since she had a fever and an ear infection (discovered at the pre op physical) and was treated for said infection I'll count it.   In May she came down with a hardy fever and cough for several days (I thought it was mild H1N1) but she moved herself out of that virus with little drama.   Sometime last month her asthma kicked up for several days requiring nebs but no doctor visit.  

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