Monday, November 16, 2009


- Today Lucy started her first dance class.  I am very excited.  She got dance as a Christmas gift from her grandma and grandpa (an early Christmas gift).  The class is an hour long.  15 minutes ballet, 15 minutes tap and 30 minutes gymnastics. 

-Today I found out that 6-10 people at my small (around 35 people) agency will loose their jobs.  Some by the end of November some by the end of December.  No one knows who.  I wish they would just tell us now.

- Today I wrote a very crabby email to Gov Tim Pawlenty.  Please if he ever runs for president, think about 100 million times before voting for him.  Arrogent, doesn't follow the rules, impatient with democratic process.  Ugggghhhh (I had to go political)

-Today Lucy had a fit about taking off her tights at the end of the night (again)

-Tonight all of her tights were hidden away until she's safely dressed for school tomorrow (in non tights).

-Tonight I am worn out, tired, worried. 

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