Wednesday, November 4, 2009

#4 Wednesday Hump Day

Some Wednesdays (aka hump days) go like this:
Horribly hard
Uggghhhh  I need a beer(ssssss)
Mama is missing mental stability
Perfectly painful parenting palpatations

Dang is it almost Friday?
Ample avoidance of authority
Yawning and yelling

But then sweet things happen and I realized that my irritation with my child is really my problem.  I "social work" myself on the way to swimming lessons and see my babe for the amazing person she is ... and all is well in our world.  We're allowed bad days right????


Christina said...

You only have these on Wednesdays?! Lucky thing, you ;)

StefB said...

We better be.

Sam's mom said...

I allow myself 3 bad days a week. Then I hate 4 good and that's more good than bad. That's only fair right?

Tiffany said...

If we aren't allowed bad days, I'm in big trouble!