Tuesday, November 3, 2009

#3 How we Roll at Dinnertime and some cute photos

So tonight at around 5pm I started pondering what we might have for dinner.  A quick check of the fridge showed nothing by way of fresh anything (except milk and grapes).  Freezer was similarly barren.  I just did not want to turn to pasta so early in the work week.  Ahhhh I think, we'll do pancakes.  I went to grab the cranberry pancake mix that Diane had so thoughtfully brought and left when it occurred to me that my last two eggs were baking in the oven as part of the cake Lucy and I had made for a later "hair do night" bribe. 

Voila, I had an emergency pack of just add water pancake mix.  I needed to spice it up a bit.  Folks, I created a culinary masterpiece and I am going to share it with you!  

Here are the ingrediants (water not shown):

1. take a ripe banana (i sometimes put my over ripes in the freezer for baking) mash it up in a bowl.
2. add about two cups of complete pancake mix (i use fiber one for the health benefits)
3. add a packet of instant oatmeal (i used apple cinnamon)
4. add about a tablespoon of brown sugar (for the yummy goodness)
5. add water until it's a thick pancake consistency
6. cook and eat.  syrup is not really necessary but obviously a yummy topping

we had our pancakes with some deliciously fresh clementines. 

now for some cute post hair do photos.  she wanted her hair like a ballerina.  the braids took so long to take down that it didn't leave much time or patience for the updo or for actual bun making.  but she's still quite a lovely ballerina.


Melanie said...

OMG!!!! STOP it Lucy!!!! You look way too old and of course beautiful!!!!!

Nicole Anderson said...

Great recipe tip!

Lucy is just such a little cutie! I love looking at your blog!

Jebena said...

At first when I read your recipe I was thinking, "What the hell is Stacy'nem eating...raw pancake stuff oh hell naw...then I went back and read the part that said COOK.

Okay, I'm tired and you know I can't read well when I'm tired.

PS...Miss Lucy, does she take ballet lessons? Love her updo!

Stacy said...

nope she doesn't take ballet lessons yet. she has a recent obsession with tights, and we found this ballet dress in our dress up box. I feel she's too freestyle for formal lessons, it might squash her art.

Sam's mom said...

Seriously, WHO is this girl on your blog. It most certainly cannot be Lucy. No way.
She is getting so posed and more gorgeous every day. HOW is that possible??

Anonymous said...

ah finally. someone else that makes supper the same way that i do. i don't feel so alone anymore.

love the updo and tights. so elegant. you might end up having to put her in lessons simply so she can wear the tights more often. btw... ballet was the best thing i ever did for my temeramental, active, dramatic and silly boy. the discipline has done him so much good. besides. he needs a dancing partner.