Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lucky NaBloPoMo #7

It would be hard to beat the perfectness of this day, unless it involved sleeping until 7:00 and having a cook and a maid.  OHH wait, I was a little irritable until about 10:00 am.  Then the day turned perfect.  It was bright and sunny.  We were out in our yard bright and early.  Mel and Mo came over and we headed to my favorite playground where we met Betsy and Ivy. 

Lucy loves this equipment because she can spin very very fast! 

She throws her head back and puts her whole soul into enjoying the thrill of the spin.

Then it's off to her second favorite thing:  monkey bars!  She's getting so strong and can move herself half way across the bar.

Morgan hung out with her awhile.

Time for spinning on the tire swing!

We went home and had about 1/2 hour quiet time, and costume change before heading to enjoy the sun in our back yard.

Lucy found a tree to climb.

She did some serious raking.

and of course Zep got to run crazy figure 8's in our back yard. 

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