Friday, November 13, 2009

Tick-Tock Tick-Tock I love the My Tot Clock

Product review time:

This is the My Tot Clock.  I googled alarm clocks for children.  I wanted a clock that I could use to help keep Lucy in bed until 7:00 a.m.   My first thought was a clock with a radio alarm, so that I could have it turn on very quietly at 7:00 and I could tell her to stay in bed unless she heard music playing.  I found this during my google search.   This clock has many functions.  It has an analog face that syncs up with a digital back.  You set the back for bedtime, wake time, length of desired rest time, length of time out, and length of encouragement.  

Let me explain how I use (plan on useing) each function:

I set Lucy's bedtime for 8:00pm.  When bedtime comes the clock can do many things (if you desire).  1. the face starts glowing blue  2. it can play lullabies for 30 minutes  followed by white noise (along with the blue glow)  3. it can do a story,lullabies and white noise (with the blue glow).   Lucy can go check on the clock to see if it's time for bed yet.  When it starts glowing blue she knows it's time to hop in.

I set Lucy's wake up time for 7:00 a.m.   At 7:00 am the white noise turns off and the clock glows yellow.  You can also have it play music at wake time.  If you choose (at bedtime) to have no music/white noise, the clock would simply switch from glowing blue to glowing  yellow at wake time.   Now she knows, if she wakes up and the clock is glowing blue she needs to rest until it turns yellow. 

I set Lucy's time out time for 4 minutes.  If she needs a time-out, I just push the red button on the top of the clock and the clock glows red for 4 minutes then switches back to yellow.  She gets a real time out and can "police" herself in regards to how long she needs to stay.  It's more consistant for me too.

Haven't used the encouragement timer yet but you can set it for however many minutes you need and hit the green button.  The clock will glow green for that time then back to yellow.  Suggestions have been to use the encouragement timer for tooth brushing, sharing/turn taking, reading etc. 

I love this clock and Lucy likes it too, it gives her the independance she craves but allows for limitations (ie she doesn't get all the control).   Here's the best thing.  The first clock I received had a broken digital clock.  I was bummed.  At 9:00pm (on a Sunday) I emailed customer service.  Within an hour I got this response:

Hello Stacy,

OH NO! I am so terribly sorry! It sounds like there is definitely something wrong with the digital clock. It would be my pleasure to replace your Tot Clock right away! I will include a return label, so you can send back the defective unit. I want to return it to the factory for analysis. This is an issue I haven't seen before. I would also like to send a special gift to your little one to say that we are very sorry for all the trouble. I know she must be very disappointed....

Seriously!  Who offers this kind of customer service these days????   I received a new clock within a couple days along with return postage for the old clock.  Meaning, she sent me a new clock and I still have the old one (which is getting sent back on Monday).   Wow!  The new clock works wonderfully. 


Mark and Sarah said...

Thank you for posting this!! I've been looking for something like this but didn't even know how to search for it--my son gets up way to early, so this would be perfect.

D said...

Nice!!! Does it have a function that shouts, "Maxy go back to sleep!!" and then pats his back for two minutes?

liruco said...

This looks awesome! Just what we are looking for to keep our about to turn 4 year old IN the bed until at least 7am! How cool.

Malia'sMama said...

I want this!!!