Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How I ended up in a closet with Diane trying to open a beer with an Iron

It all started about 12 years ago.

My MOM told me to buy a house.
I bought a house.
I found a JOB at a church that I wanted because it was THREE blocks from my house.
At this job I became inspired to go to grad school MSW.
Because I knew that DEB (who was a member of the church I worked for)was a MSW instructor I started hounding her.
We rode together to go on a retreat and she talked about her and her husband's plan for adoption.
Soon they brought home baby Isaac.
I became his babysitter and my friendship with his parents grew.
Life happened.
I had a semi-hysterical "If I can't raise a child then I want to move to South America" breakdown in front of Deb after babysitting Isaac one night.
Deb suggested that I look at the possibilities of international adoption and close my eyes (for the moment) to the barriers.
I went to an information session.
Isaac's little brother Nathan came home.
I applied to the Ethiopia program.
I got my referral.
I travelled.
I started connecting online to people who were in the process or recently home.
I wanted to connect to people with children from Ethiopia.
I "met" Diane through the forum.  She was hysterical.  She was adopting (as a single mom) a toddler boy.
I laughed when I read her blog.
I was happy when I heard that she not only met her son in Ethiopia but also her future husband.
I went to Nancy's house one weekend.
Diane came.
We met again at culture camp.  She was really pregnant with baby Og
She drove to my house with a newborn plus her other two sons.
We camped again.
She drove to my house again in October.
She got us free hotel rooms and brought beer.
I packed the beer in a cooler but forgot a bottle opener.
We tried desperately to open it.
We failed.


MysteriousMindy said...

Love it! Thanks for making me smile :-)

Anonymous said...

so funny, I knew I had a lot to thank deb for my pumkin

D said...

so it is basically your mom's fault you flirted w/the man in the elevator on the way to getting our beers opened after the unsuccessful iron-pry?

Jebena said...

Okay, so why didn't you and deb OR you or deb, walk down to the hotel counter personnel and ask for a bottle opener????? I don't think I can hang out with ya'll...we'd get into a whole lot of "what had happened was" that would end up in posting bail, fines and other court related stuff. Too funny!

jayme said...

Here's a video that shows you how to open a beer bottle with a piece of paper (which I'm sure you had on hand after our paper telephone debacle)

Next time you should just make sure I'm there.