Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wild Wednesday

What a hard day.  As I recall last Wednesday was hard as well.  1/3 of the jobs at my agency are on the line and still we don't know who is being cut.  It'll be soon (some will be gone by Nov 30 and others mid December).  I have a pit in my stomache of any of the outcomes.  I'll either loose a job, or loose a lot of important colleagues/friends and no matter what my agency will be changing in ways that will offer fewer services to famlies in need. 

I have a big beef to pick with Tim Pawlenty.  He somehow made Governor of Minnesota and aspires to be president of the United State but absolutely does not even follow that basic democratic principles.  Instead of working toward a budget agreement with other elected officials, he quickly unalloted billions of dollars from the 2 year budget.   He, on his own.  Huge beef.

Lucy didn't get enough sleep last night.  She went to bed late (my fault) and the magic clock failed for the first time in a week at keeping Lucy in bed past 7:00 am.  I hope it was a temporary fluke.  She was SO tired tonight, and combined with my exhaustion/stress made for quite the volatile evening. 

Tomorrow will be a better day (in some ways).  It'll be a long day at work but I commit to having a good morning with Lucy no matter what time she wakes up.

Tomorrow night's post will be about Lucy, I promise!

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Julie said...

Thinking of you. Hope you don't lose your job.