Sunday, December 6, 2009


Wow, apparently the November NaBloPoMo caused quite a blogger burn out for me!  We've been taking life day by day here in casa de Lucy.  Lucy has been building her arm strength on our doorway "monkey bar".  I bought some closet rod brackets, strong ones and my dad had a metal rod cut to length, I put the bar in the brackets and voila an indoor playground.  The bar is our best friend.  It's amazing what a few minutes spent swinging from that bar will do for my little fiesty girl.  She can really get her self swinging on it ... I will try hard to get a vido/photos. 

Lucy has been having fairly good days at school.  Friday she had a dead mouse related trauma.  Apparently she was the first to spot a dead mouse in the school hall.  The teachers covered it and removed it but Lucy was beside herself with grief.  She really swears she saw the mouse move, it wasn't dead and she wanted to play with it.  The teachers assured her that if it was alive they'd let it outside to play since it was a wild animal and not a pet.  I guess it took her about 1/2 hour to calm down and resume preschool play time. 

Work continues (ever so thankful).  Holiday time is always stressful for the families work with.  I am so so relieved that we are able to continue our work at least through June.   Two weeks left and then a two week break! 

Zep the dog is ever so perfect. He's sweet, fairly obediant, a best friend to Lucy and a stalker (but not a hurter) of the cats.

Lucy decorating the tree - Last year


Kari said...

I am going to have to steal your monkey bar idea. Sounds like it would be a hit here too! Good idea!!! Anything that helps right?!?

Nicole Anderson said...

I love the monkey bar idea too! You should take a picture of it and post it! You should hang a swing from there too! Ikea has great ones!

Malia'sMama said...

Love the look on Lucy's face in the photo. Poor little one (over the mouse). She actually sounds like me on that one:)