Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Lucy was sort of sick for both of these family laden events.  She has a bad cough and has been on nebs now every four hours including over night.  I was really proud of her behavior both Christmas Eve and Christmas day given that she had a very disrupted sleep AND was on the albuterol ... which has historically turned her into a hyper - emotionally charged - challenging super-stinker.   She did really really well.

Lucy LOVES her cousin Tyler

getting weary of the coughing - mama forgot her nebulizar at home so she was over due

but cousin Tyler helps her ease her woes

a quick change into some fairy dress-up clothes

the GLOVES are back

Tyler loves Lucy too

a post-present cookie break

reading the Night Before Christmas with Grandpa before heading home.  Lucy got this book from a friend of mine before she came home.  I ask my dad to read it to her every Christmas Eve and then write a message inside the book.  It's a sweet tradition and Lucy will be able to read love notes from Grandpa forever.

after a night of coughing.  lucy gets bundled up for the snowy/icy drive to cousin Scotts.

she's quite the sight in the morning snow

as the abuterol kicks in so does the silly antics

a snuggle with cousin Scott

a scene I came across this morning


MysteriousMindy said...

I think she's gonna make a great doctor/nurse!

Single PAP said...

i love the granpa writing in the book tradition. so sweet!