Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday - Day One Vacation!

Well vacation is pretty much living up to the norm here.  Someone has to be sick or it's not really a relaxing holiday.  This year it's me.  Hopefully I hit the low part last night and will be feeling better as time goes on.  Meanwhile the show must go on.  My child can only tolerate so much laying low. Friday night we celebrated Christmas with the boys.  We deviated a little from our tradition of appetizers for dinner, gifts and a holiday light-coffee-hot chocolate drive.  Instead we had dinner at a Vietnamese restauraurant and went directly to the hot chocolate-coffee drive.   I don't think the kids really got that we were celebrating Christmas.  We'll do better next year! Oh well.  Today I let Morgan and Lucy decorate our paper bag table cloth, and we hit an indoor park to let the kids blow off some steam while I blew my nose.  It was a good move, steam needed off blowing ... and I think we got some energy out!

waiting for the hot chocolate


the blue side of the table

admiring the decorations


preparing to take a spin

ready set go

best friends


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