Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bedtime Conversation ...

Mama:  ok I love you, make sure you sleep until the clock is yellow.
Lucy:  ok mama because santa clause knows if you're sleeping right?
Mama: yes and he knows when you're awake
Lucy: yup and he's making a list
Mama: and checking it twice
Lucy:  why does he check it twice?
Mama: to make sure for sure that the kids are sleeping until their clocks are yellow.
Lucy:  looks around, wide eyes ...  Is he watching me now?????  Is he watching me sleep????
Mama:  um, I think he checks on kids.  He's a real nice guy. 
Lucy: oh ok.

so yeah, the thought of the big guy watching me sleep would freak me out too. 


Jess said...

I hope she sleeps!

Mama Papaya said...

Can I send you the therapy jar we've outgrown? ;)

Shannon- said...

I- to this day- am freaked out- by any thought that someone can see me and I can't see them. Santa is haunting!

jayme said...

hilarious. and creepy.

Bridget said...

Oh man. My sister went through this last year with my niece. She was SO freaked out about santa being able to see her. They made and agreement that Santa always checks in with MOM first. And mom would be right there with santa...nothing to worry about. But, I must say, I can absolutely see where the scare comes from! :)

cathy said...

one of the reasons i couldn't tell Lily Santa was real is because she thought his name was Santa Claws! With big, sharp talons. No matter how many times I tried to convince her otherwise, she was freaked out. Lucy is so funny!

Anonymous said...

Martha is completely freaked out at the thought that Santa will be coming into the house. I've told her that he will leave everything on the front porch.


Day to Day Tripper said...

BEAUTIFUL! I can see her big eyes looking around.