Monday, February 11, 2008

What's up?

Lucy's fever. I had such high hopes this morning. I checked on her at 1 a.m and no fever. She woke up at 7:30 am with no fever ... so it had been about 12 straight no fever hours. Lucy was thrilled that I let her take a warm bath. I was excited to get layers of caked snot off her cute little face. We were happy. Around 10:30 she asked for a movie and sat on the sofa. I was suspicious. She was still sitting there 10 minutes later and I knew to get out the thermometer. Her fever was coming back. I got some ibuprofen in her and watched ... it held steady, not scary high but not real normal either. Post-nap we had the shakes and shivers and the near 104 temp AGAIN. Got the fever under control and left my kid with my mom as I had a babysitting job and really needed to get out of the house. My mom was to call me if her fever went up ... I had the folks I was babysitting for "on call" and was ready to head back need be. Her fever stayed down and my mom gave her more motrin around bedtime. So another night of waking up when the meds wear off to make sure she's not a furnace. Please let this be the last night. She goes to the doctor tomorrow morning.

so the fever has done weird things to here ... The cat's name went from Bailey's to Eric ... she has reported seeing eeeewwwwwwweee butterflies "up there" and this afternoon I asked her what was on the ceiling and she said "my school momma".

Random photos from past-times.


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Anonymous said...

Poor squirt. Hope she feels better soon.

Pneumonia can be resistant to a lot of antibiotics. Probably she just needs to switch to something else.