Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pneumonia ... i disown ya

My kid has pneumonia. She charmed the socks off the ER doctor, he looked hard-core at first but after a couple minutes with the Lucita he softened right up. Poor kid and again we face the antiobiotic monster (we didn't last very long on our anti-antibiotic trial run). Ahhhh well, here's to hoping that she gets better soon with the magic pink medicine.


cathy said...

Rats! I was hoping for a better update. Did you have to go to the ER in the middle of the night? Hopefully she'll bounce back quick. Lily was on antibiotics about every other month one year. It was rotten. It's gotten better as she's grown a bit. Wish I were closer to come over and let you nap.

Jen and Dan said...

I hope Lucy feels better very soon. Poor little girl. : (

Malia'sMama said...

Oh my goodness... come on Lucy, shake it off, girl! If you can scare away the big ol' doctor's chilly personality, you can scare away the nasty pnuemonia!

Nancy said...

Stacy and Lucy we send you hugs, diet cokes and a dancing pink elephant.

Anonymous said...

I'm a mother of a set of 8-month-old Ethiopian twins (just home since November) and occasionally drop by here. I saw the picture and just had to ask: is that girl outfitted from head to toe in Hannas? I only ask because I am a Hanna Andersson junky and my girls are usually in a similar outfit (we have the caps in a couple of different colors, the moccasins in several different colors, and not quite a dozen zippers). We do not, however, have that lovely print.

I do hope that Lucy is soon on the mend. In the meantime, we LOVE her fashion sense.

Sheila and Dikito & Dikate
fellow Hanna addicts