Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nothing New

Just reporting that Lucy is still ill. Went back to ped. today, had xrays that showed her lungs are good, at least that much is working. There was no determination of why after all these days she still has this high high fever. Her tonsils are swollen and touching each other, but what's ailing her is apparently a virus and with her adenoid and tonsil tissue issues it makes it hard for her to get rid of viruses and bacteria. So she went through another day of fevers and chills. It's to the point where a temp of 101 is something to be celebrated. This really sucks. Lucy is mostly being really a good sport and so so sweet. What an amazing girl she is to keep her silly spirit through all of this discomfort. OH and when I asked "How many days of fever like this is too much for her?" she said "We get really worried at 14". WTF? 14 days of this???? Well we're almost half way there ... I still have hope that she'll wake up in better health tomorrow.


Tarah said...

I am so so sorry that Lucy is ill. I am thinking my Tezeta is walking in Lucy's footsteps. She JUST had adenoids out Monday from always being sick.
I hate having the kids sick. I will pray for healing and peace for you both!

Veronica and John Accornero said...


I have been following your blog for several months now during our own adoption journey. It has been so helpful and inspiring. Lucy is absolutely beautiful and seems to be such a great spirit. Just wanted to say that I am thinking of you guys and hoping that Lucy is better real soon.