Saturday, February 16, 2008

All's clear

Lucy and I are alive and well. It was a long and scary week. Lucy's last fever was Thursday morning. My parents took her to spend the night at their place on Friday and I had a wonderfully relaxing evening. I went out for Thai food ... and savored every bite. Lucy had fun at grandma and grandpa's house. I am so thankful that she is feeling better and things can get back to normal around here. I think normal means that my spirited child will be back full-force and my snuggly feverish one is back in hiding. Thank you everyone for your kind words and your amazing support.

Cathy I hope you are feeling better, I've been thinking about you a lot.


Malia'sMama said...

Yea, Lucy! Now, here's what you are going to do, little Miss. You are going to STAY well, BUT you are also going to retain a lot of the snuggly, quiet Lucy so that Mama can enjoy both Lucys even when you are not sick, k?? :)

Anne said...

Checking in from the road -- eek! I'm so sorry that Lucy's been so ill. And very relieved that she's starting to feel better. Hugs to both of you!

Cindy said...

Hi Lucy and Stacy! SOOO glad the worst is over and sassy is back. Can I just say, I SOOOO want a grandma and/or grandpa very close by to take over the dynamic trio now and then. I'll even take a distant aunt or cousin . . . somebody!