Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1/2 day ...

Well the first day of school outfit is carefully laid out.  The first day of school hair do is complete, and should last the whole first week.  The first day of school back pack is packed.  Mama needs a beer.  In 14 hours her new life as a elementary student begins. 
Here is Lucy the night before kindergarten. 
New hairdo and pretty smile.

In other news.  Originally I had planned a boring stay at home day for Sunday.  Lucy's behavior had other plans. I knew I was going to be in trouble if I stayed home with her much longer.  The girl needed to be out and running with other folks to talk to.  Enter Lucky:

At the same time on the other side of town a facebook plea went out to the masses.  The mother of a certain 4 year old and newborn was left single parenting it for awhile and after a night of a fussy baby and similar bored child antics there was a cry in the daytime ...

So I thought, hey I'll take them both to the zoo.  They'll run, they'll be best friends forever (I've read about his love of the ladies), they'll exhaust themselves with giddiness and both of the moms could celebrate.

Poor Lucky. Lucy was most definitely not in any friendly sort of mood and all of his attempts at engaging with her ended up with her screaming at him.  He looked so crushed. He tried tickling (and got pushed), he tried singing in her face (got yelled at), he tried holding her hand (she holds no hand).   In Lucy's defense she did try to make amends.  She tried showing Lucky where the sink was (he already KNEW that), she tried pointing out a prairie dog (he already SAW that).    Ahh well, at least 3 daytime hours were killed in the attempt which shortened the day a bit.  Maybe they'll meet up again and Lucy will be more receptive to his friendly advances. 


Mama Papaya said...

Happy first day of school you two.

Loving that her beloved pink elephants will usher in her next chapter.

M and M said...

Ditto, Mama S - happy first day of school. You two are gonna be superstars :)