Saturday, August 14, 2010

18 days

this afternoon Lucy started taking a sour turn, started reminding me of the horrible 3's ...  an example of one interaction:  I was lounged on the sofa (mistake 1), pretending to not be listening to anything or anyone with Lucy's rock and roll ear protectors (mistake 2) when out of nowhere my 5 yr old barrels down on my stomach full force.  I yelped, I sternly told her that she is not to jump on people without warning (like I've sternly told her before) and she says "FINE, FINE, you are STUPID, you are NOT MY FAMILY, I HATE this family" ....  and i was left on the sofa with a sore stomach all stupid and apparently childless wondering "what the heck?".  

decided that after dinner we were going to have to go somewhere or bad bad things could happen to our sweet sweet relationship. 

we dropped in on the Pizza Luce block party, but since Zep was prohibitied (and being naughty) we just walked around the neighborhood.

18 days til kindergarten ...

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