Friday, August 13, 2010

19 days

19 days until the big first day of kindergarten.  Hard to believe that 5 short years ago I was writing things like this:

No news is just no news Aug 2005

This is not the most exciting time of the adoption process ... It's making me quite mental I must say. The next thing I am waiting for is the letter from US-CIS saying that I can take a baby home ... I expect that in the next couple of weeks. So, basically I am just waiting and doing little projects in preparation. I hung up a couple more things including a lion rug that my aunt gave me, she got it in Ethiopia a long time ago and it looks great hanging in my room. People are also starting to arrange baby showers. This at least gives me a focus. I just want to go and get her! Hopefully very soon I will be able to write some real news here. Stacy

and that 4 short years ago I thought this was blogworthy:
that really bites! Aug 2006

My child is a biter! I know it's nothing to be proud of or excited about, but she uses those teeth so appropriately. Let me clarify ... I am glad she gets mad and feels like she can express herself, and I let her know that biting momma is NOT OK, but deep inside, I feel relief that she'll fight for her right, fight for her right to stay in the pool, fight for her right to eat sand etc. We went to the doctor today to get her ears/nose/throat checked out, and she weighs 19#6oz. Not quite enough to face forward in the carseat. I wish I had something deeply profound to say, but when I am "blogging" it's either after 9pm and I have no brain or I am at work and trying to be quick about things.

three years ago
No more fofee thank you momma  August 2007
Isn't that just the most polite way to turn down a sip of foffee? It's true, Lucy gets a couple sips of the morning brew ... I call it bonding time. Daycare might not like to hear this! The other day she turned it down. I have a sneaky suspision that she's been ruined for home brew ever since the picnic weekend where she had a tast of heaven in a paper cup. The Caribou Campfire Mocha.
two years ago
Summers ...  August 2008
Even though I work and for the most part summers are status quo regarding our M-F daytime schedule it still feels really wild and crazy this summer in our casa. We are less boxed in and our world is so much bigger. Some times it feels almost out of control. Maybe this is in part what is happening with Lucy at times. There are days when she is calm and peaceful and falls in the normal range of good/bad behaviors but then there are days when she seems "un boxed" in her emotions and behaviors. Like there's a glitch and whoooaaa baby stand back when the glitch kicks in.

Part of me (and I know I'll eat these words soon) longs for winter and the physical boundaries that winter puts in place in Minnesota. I feel like it'll give us a chance to catch our breaths and review all that has happened over the warmer months. Lucy has turned into a kid this summer. Today it occured to me that we just have incredibly easy conversations, its' no effort to understand what she wants and needs. Lucy can understand and accept delayed gratification. She can participate in our daily routine in a way that makes her a partner. It's a lot of fun
and just last year
things and stuff  August 2009
It's been a long long week (anyone see a pattern?). Lucy had her last week of summer preschool arts camps. We now piece child-care together until after labor day when we resume our regularly scheduled program. Can you believe that next year at this time I'll be blogging about kindergarden?????? Holy Crap!


Anonymous said...

great blog, daughter of mine and this is something you should do every August. Oh my it won't be all that long and our baby will be in high school and driving

Mama Papaya said...

I can't process this. Your finger must have gotten stuck on the fast forward button at some point. Right? There is no way my big kid will be here next year, right?

Cindy said...

Beautiful Post! I cannot believe Lucy is going to school...time flies!

Shannon- said...

It's amazing how fast this goes. She looks like a such a big girl now.. not a little bitty girl.

Theresa said...

Time goes way too fast!!! I wish it would sloooooow down!

The Lost Planetista said...

Sometimes I feel silly for keeping a blog- like it's an obnoxious form of navel gazing or something- but you've just reminded me of why I do it...walking down memory lane like you just did with Lucy. Thanks for the reminder!
*and next thing we know our kids are going to be grown ups. Seriously. Make it stop!