Monday, August 23, 2010

9 Days ...

Holy Schmoly.  9 days until kindergarten!!!   We are winding down summer in a fast and furious way.  Swimming in the back yard while we can, hoping that we are on the last couple days of needing the air conditioning.  We have been working our butts off scraping and painting the window trims outside, putting up homemade soffits and facia around the house and fixing bare spots in our yard all in prep for our brand new, free windows that will be installed on Wednesday.  We live in a neighborhood that has fix-it funds for lead elimination.  I am so excited and while I have small tings of sadness for loosing our beautiful historic windows I am also just happy to have easy to clean, energy efficient and lead free windows all over my house!   Hopefully the install goes as planned on Wednesday so that I can get our house put back together and we can kick it and enjoy the rest of summer.   Thursday is the open house at Lucy's new school.  I am very excited to meet her new teacher.  Last night I got an email from her kindergarten teacher explaining the daily schedule, how and what she teaches and the units of study.  SO FREAKN' EXCITING!!!  Plus the teacher gave the parents her home phone number so that we can connect should we need to.  How amazing. 

Sorry no photos.  Too tired.


Bridget said...

Wow. That's one brave teacher! :)
We got new windows in our last house 1910 bungalow. They were amazing. Totally worth it! + the house truly was SO much warmer in the winter!

Tarah said...

Kindergarten is HUGE!!! :)
Enjoy a wiff of fresh crayons before you send them in the backpack.

You have a great teacher to give her number out. That has to ease a mommy's heart a bit.

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