Tuesday, August 17, 2010

15 days

15 days until kindergarten.  I am really excited.  Monday afternoon Lucy and I stopped in to see her new school and met some employees, saw her classroom (they already had Lucille's little areas marked with her cute cute name!), saw the school... got SUPER EXCITED!!!   I have lost a lot of my nervousness now that I know she's in a class of wait for it ... 13 ... instead of say 29.  13!  Yes 13! 

the kids used up most of Lucy's first aid supplies on a poor helpless worm.

We celebrated by going on a quicky one night camping trip with "the boys" and their mom.  It's an annual tradition that we almost didn't get to this year so I was glad to be able to do a midworkweek trip.  I am completely exhausted, but well stocked up on vitamin D and hopefully last nights insomnia combined with middle of the freezing (in the 40's) night bathroom trips, racoon invasions (not our site), and shivering cold coldness will make for a really good nights sleep tonight.

Nathan stepped up to the plate to help Lucy zip her jacket

seriously. YOU try to get these 4 to look at the camera and smile, all at the same time

                                           a good activity that doesn't take up much packing space?
                                                         rock painting.  we leave the painted rocks
                                                            scattered around the site for the next camper
                                                       to discover, or for the rain to wash, whichever comes first

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Shannon- said...

I can't believe it. I think this was the first blog I started following and Lucy was maybe 2 going on 3? Time flies and they grow up too fast. As mothers we only grow younger and slimmer... so it is hard to believe they get older and bigger.. :-)