Monday, August 2, 2010


Seems like life has been a struggle lately.  I should step back a minute, it seems like the moment Lucy got her crap together and our life together became more peaceful all hell broke loose at work.  It's been a pretty miserable couple months.  I am torn between really loving the agency I work for and really hating my new role in that agency.  I've looked for new work, had interviews but nothing has come from them.  Now most nights I am pretty exhausted after working all day (half of it with toddlers) and parenting/housekeeping/babysitting all night.  Looking for jobs is sort of waffling off in that great exhausted atmosphere.  Not that there are any jobs out there. 

I am coping by really really enjoying my daughter, probably more then I have since she jumped into the horribly 3's a couple years ago.  These are the days where dropping her off at daycare is almost as painful as it was in the early days right after my maternity leave vanished.  I also enjoy nights away from my daughter (keeping it real) even if I just use those nights to hit the grocery store in a leisurly fashion, or organize her closet. 

I am really looking forward to having next week off of work, having a visit from out of town friends who've I have missed dearly, and getting my house in shape so I can get some new free windows installed (if you are in Minneapolis, and live in an old house, and have kids under 6, and are relatively poor, let me know, I'll hook you up).  

what a disjointed blog post.


Christina said...

Is it okay that I smiled just a little bit? Sometimes life is seriously like that.

3GenerationsFarm said...

Lots of jobs up here. But then, you know that. I'm not going to push it any more - I'll hear from you if you get desperate..... :)

Heather said...

I understand the job hunt and desire to move on. I've been there for awhile now. It's tougher with kids too. I have to be much more selective than I ever would have been before my kids. Things like good insurance, support network, diversity opportunities in the community are all a lot more important now. Good luck in your search.

Nancy said...

I missed the clean house :( (and of course you guys)