Sunday, August 8, 2010


What you say???  Stacy is excited about a Sunday evening?  Has she had a horrible, awful weekend and does she want time away from Lucy?   NO readers NO.   I am excited about it being Sunday night because I am on vacation (staycation).  Lucy and I are just going to hang and be together Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday - Friday I am going to get some grandma care for Lucy so that I can scrape and paint the outside window trim in preparation for our new free windows (thank you city of minneapolis, hud, Healthy Homes Lead Project!!). 

So instead of pouting, cleaning and prepping on this Sunday, Lucy and I headed to the airconditioned chaos of Mall of America.  We walked around.  We saw a friend.  We tried hard to find the giant shark giving out free ride tickets.

In the end I had to buy a pass so Lucy could go on some rides.  I couldn't resist.  She was disappointed when we didn't run into "free-ride shark man" in the mall but understood that our funds were limited and that we might not go on any rides. I mean, if she would have thrown a fit, or whined and cried, I might have saved our budget. 

but really, to deny her this joy?  for $9.00 (unlimited rides).  I couldn't.  Of course, I will be denying us that trip to the movie theater on Tuesday because of today's lack of denial.  Oh well. We'll do something free and fun instead.  I really wanted to support her good nature.

and i knew she loves the thrill of a good spinny ride! 

I really loved that I could be a spectator while she loved the spinny rides.

and the hoppy/droppy rides


mary said...
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mary said...
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cathy said...

way to go, mama! you did the right thing.