Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cooking with Lucy

Is fun, educational, a good chance to bond and a great way to get her to eat new foods.

tonight's cooking with Lucy episode included Swedish Pancakes, topped with brown sugar and bananas.  Lucy was in charge of chopping the bananas.  At one point during the banana chopping she proved once again that she does indeed listen to my "stories" she was chopping and muttering to herself "see the problem is Blueberry does not know how to hold a knife".   Lucy did manage to chop the whole banana with a sharp knife and some silly antics with nary a scratch.  Whew. 


M and M said...

it's fun, education, and DANGEROUS. What the heck was I thinking giving my son a KNIFE to cut a SQUASH. Talk about dumb parent award! Hehehehehe...LOVE Lucy's evaluation of "what went wrong...."

Shannon- said...

HA HA HA! My guy's talking to himself is still toddler gibberish... a language I sometimes wish I understood...