Tuesday, May 1, 2007


My baby will turn two in one short week. Ack, where does the time go? You would think with all of the awake time she's had in the past few weeks that it would seem like the time would slow down. It's sad but true, time is relentless (unless you're WAITING for your baby, then it's slower then molasses in January). Soon I will have a very long 2nd year montage to post. We are loving the heck out of spring. We go outside every chance we get. The other day I looked at Lucy and said "I love you" and she said "a bushel and a peck". I know the song but have no clue what "a bushel and a peck" means ... if anyone knows please share.


Melanie said...

I got a little lesson from my mom....a bushel is four pecks..... and is a 'farming' term!!! So she says a bushel is a lot and so a bushel and a peck is a whole lot!!!!

I cleared that all up now huh!!!!! ;-)


Nicky said...

I've so enjoyed seeing pictures of Lucy as she grows - thatnks very much for sharing!