Friday, May 11, 2007

Good news all around!

Well ... had to share. As I type, Mel and her mom and brother are in the air, over the ocean heading toward baby Morgan. They'll be landing in the next 10ish hours, it'll be Saturday morning and they will meet Morgan!!!!! The other astonshingly surprising and most wonderful news EVER is that Sherry is bringing Hana home!!!! Her visa waiver was granted in record time. This is the way it SHOULD be. OHHH joy oh joy. In a little over a week Lucy will have two new friends. I can't wait. OH I wish I was in Ethiopia right now. Lucy and I have the blessing of a extra long weekend together. Childcare for today (Friday) and Monday fell through so we get time together. This morning was so nice and laid back. Can you believe I said laid back with a two year old, it's true. We had a longish trip to the grocery store with not one single frustrating episode, it's like Lucy turned 7 over night. After nap I suppose I should reward her with a trip to a park to let off some 2 year old energy.

i have adorable photos to post. Hopefully after bedtime tonight.

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