Thursday, May 31, 2007

We're outta here ...

We are going on another adventure. Tomorrow we leave for near-Canada. Sounds exotic huh? We'll be staying in a real cabin with electricity and running water!!! It'll be a long drive but Lucy and I will just be along for the ride ... Scott will be doing all the driving and hopefully Lucy and I will do all the sleeping. Tonight was the 2nd night in a row that Lucy went down without a hitch. I hope 3 nights away will not screw it up! Wish us sunny days and cool nights.


A Special Family said...

have a wonderful mini-break!

Anonymous said...


You take the most amazing "art" shots of Lucy! The one at the top of the blog, the one walking in the sand, and the one all in white... really, really beautiful!

MalĂ­a's mama

Diana Villamizar said...

I just want to tell you that Lucy is very lucky becuase She couldn't find a better mother than you.
I can see how much you love and care about her.
She is becoming as a cute, happy and funny girl I'v ever seen.
I just love her.
I would like to have that beautiful picture where she is all in white ( like african dress) She looks gorgeous on it
PS. I am so sorry about yor dog
Ms Diana

Nancy said...

I concur with Diana!

You are an amazing mother. I have witnessed it first hand. I always love your photos of her. I hope it will work out that you (and Lucy) will be given another child to take under your wings.