Sunday, May 6, 2007

Birthday Girl

Well Lucy turns two on Monday. Two. She's been practicing really hard and she'll be a great two year old. Lucy has mastered so much over the past year. Last year, on her birthday ... she crawled for the first "real" time. Three months later she was up and walking. These days she runs, climbs, and jumps. Her grasp of the spoken word is increasing daily. She still loves music. She can sing songs and dance like there's no tomorrow. The girl loves to dance. She makes up her own moves but also copies moves she sees. She still loves the cats but has recently started adoring Sassy. Our live together has settled a bit. We have had a good solid month of relatively good health. She is staying awake longer in the evenings so we have lots of play time and together time after work/daycare. Lucy loves her family and friends. When we turn a certain corner on the way to Isaac and Nathan's house she shouts "yah ... Isaac!." She's a fighter. I hope that her first line of defense (hitting and pinching) tapers off this year as she starts becoming more at one with her words. At least my girl is not a push-over. We spent our last night as a one-year old at the Global Market, dancing to some gospely type music. Lucy had the dance floor all to her self and was entertaining the crowd with her very cool moves. She also took her "breaks" by laying down on the middle of the dance floor. OH and during the song that was dedicated to her (I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way)... that's when Lucy decided to practice being two years old. I actually think it was during the refrain (Let the Children's laughter remind us how we used to be), that I took Lucy kicking and screaming off of the stage (she climbed up for the millionth time). It can't all be easy! The photos are from last year at this time and one from the other day.


Melanie said...

I wanted to the first to post a birthday with to you - so it has to be two hours early.... Happy Birthday sweet heart!!!! You are such an awesome little girl!!!! Growing up so fast - I can't believe she's two.....holy cow!!!! Love ya little Lucy.


jayme & jon said...

Happy birthday Lucy!

We haven't had the privilege to meet you yet, but have been so inspired by your strong spirit. You are truly a remarkable little girl.

Enjoy every second of being 2!

Best wishes,
jayme, jon, izzie and elijah