Saturday, May 12, 2007

On Mother's Day ... and her birthday time

While it's true that rarely a day passes when my thoughts don't wander to Ethiopia and to Lucy's birthfamily the thoughts and feelings are much more pronounced this time of year. Funny that I am experiencing "2nds" with Lucy now! Wow, around this time of year I think of her birth mom and wonder what she's feeling ... and I am pushing my thoughts as hard as I can, hoping that she catches some feeling in the atmosphere that Lucy is ok, no that Lucy is great. After my post awhile back regarding the feeling I get from Lucy sometimes that she is acting of feelings of past-trauma ... someone recommended a book called The Primal Wound (or something similar). I have been devouring that book in little bits and pieces. It's like I had a feeling and then someone wrote a book about it, only the book came first. I can only read about one chapter a day. It's emotionally hard to read. I am looking forward to the "how can I help" chapter (I hope there is one).

Well ... I myself plan on celebrating Mother's Day tomorrow and everyday. I LOVE being a mother, especially Lucy's mother! It's a magnificant gift having her in my life and as a single mom of a toddler ... she is the only gift I expect to get tomorrow.

Speaking of special mother's days ... I talked to Mel (who is in Ethiopia right now). She met Morgan on Saturday morning. She reports that he is beautiful, cute cute cute and teeny tiny.

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Aunt Judi said...

Stacy, so glad your Dad told me how to find your blog. We have missed keeping up with Lucy. Such a wonderful addition to the Anderson family. We miss you girls(all 3 of you) very much so thanks for letting us keep up and give that girl a hug. Hope to see ya in June