Saturday, April 28, 2007


Had to share the photo of Lucy's "i don't wanna" pose. This position is very effective as somehow she seems to gain about 20 pounds or gravity increases. She's a girl who knows what she wants and what time she wants it! We had such a fun day today. We went to the zoo in the morning and walked the outdoor trails. We saw about one animal ... mostly Lucy was interested in sitting on all of the sidewalk ledges. It took us about two hours to go maybe 3 blocks. Part of this time was spent with her laying on the ground face down for no real reason. I was trying to go at her pace but honestly I couldn't take it for very long ... in reality if we went at her pace we would still probably be at the automatic doors at the entrance to the zoo THOSE were way more exciting then the tiger or the baby camels. My friend S is about to leave for Ethiopia to meet her daughter. Hopefully the impossible will become possible and she'll actually get to bring her daughter home on this trip.

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Joe and Jane said...

Your daughter is just the cutest. I think our girls are around the same age...but I'm not sure. I know that we're now at the tantrum stage too.

We adopted our first from China, our second is coming from Taiwan, and we plan to adopt from Ethiopia after that. We're also from MN, and I think we know some of the same people. I've enjoyed watching your daughter grow!