Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Roadtripping with Melmo

Tomorrow Lucy and I leave on our spring break adventure. I have decided it's a good idea to spend spring break in an area with weather more cold then Minneapolis MN. My theory is that it makes it less depressing to go back to work on Monday if I am not leaving a sunny, warm beach to do so. This explains why two years ago I spent spring break in Fargo, ND .. holed up in a hotel room with one or two children (not my own). This year we are going to good ole' Bemidji. We will be staying with friends of ours who have 3 beautiful daughters. Only 2 daughters are home at this point, so we'll be toasting to whoever in the world (or out of the world) might have the power to get the US government officials up and working to get daughter 3 home. Lucy has been feeling grrrreeeeaaat these past few days. She has developed a true love for Elmo "Melmo". This is a sneaky sesame street phenomenon. For a long time we have been watching a Sesame Street DVD, the ABC's. She has enjoyed the video and would love to watch it every hour of every day, but it wasn't until last week that she decided to join the ranks of toddlers everywhere and declare her undying love for cute Melmo. Today I bought her a little stuffed Melmo ... she held it through the store, and hasn't let go of it since ... she held it through dinner, through getting into PJ's and through going night night ... Melmo's head is soaking wet because she is chewing on his big bulging eyeball. Ahhhh Melmo ... thanks for making her happy. Stay tuned, I'll hopefully post new photos tomorrow morning.

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A Special Family said...

I hope you have a lovely time! I just watched your lovely Bringing Lucille video again, so moving. I am crying my eyes out. I just finished reading the book 'There Is No Me Without You' about Ethiopia and adoptions...I am definately looking into Ethiopia for an adoption in the future!