Saturday, March 31, 2007

The last day in March

Tomorrow it will be April. I really look forward to warm weather and the opening of a new arena for play (the outdoors). Lucy will probably spend the summer in the little wading pool again. She is growing up so fast, in a little over a month she'll be 2 years old. It's amazing how fast this happens. My baby rarely falls asleep in my arms anymore. This is not some amazing parenting trick, that I have my child "trained" into falling asleep on her own. I mean, I tried to teach her how to stay asleep (calm her self mid-night time) but the inital falling asleep ... that was my time to hold her and cuddle in a calm and peaceful environment. These days, being held is far too stimulating for her. She has too much to talk about. When she is falling asleep she talks about her eyes and her nose, she talks about being nice, she calls out for Sassy the dog, meows for the cats and randomly SHOUTS hi ... she pretends to want to kiss me and then licks my face and laughs hysterically. Eventually I ask her if she's ready to go in her crib and she nods yes. She almost always settles down and falls asleep relatively quickly after this. Tonight, she must have known that after I put her in her crib, I immediately started cooking the chicken for Mel's baby shower. She started talking, singing and lauging in her crib. I let this go on for about 1/2 hour before I turned the stove down and gathered my child from her crib. I restarted the bedtime routine. This time she fell asleep in my arms! I stared at her for awhile, kissed her sweet sleeping face and layed her in her bed ... oh please don't let this be the last time she falls asleep in my arms ... please no!

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