Sunday, March 25, 2007

Thank you dearest ...

Armpit thermometer ... you are accurate (I know this because I used you right after the doctor took Lucy's temp and you were right on!) and fast. Children's Tylenol Grape: oh how you comforted Lucy and took away her pain and fever. Hop Hops (aka Gerber fruit treats): Lucy loves you so much she will do anything, including drink, for a taste of your sweet goodness ... one hop hop, one drink. Wiggles: you entertained us both, over and over and over and over and over and over ... I really appreciated that one time that you entertained Lucy enough that she didn't realize she wasn't attached to me for that two minutes (my bladder thanks you too).
Lucy has had a rough few days. Saturday was by far the hardest for her, she was obviously in a lot of pain. My poor girl. Today started out rough but she progressively got better throughout the day. We only needed three doses of tylenol today and her fever never got over 100. Let's hope tomorrow is even better!

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Anne said...

It's so hard to see little ones in pain -- and I can imagine how hard this has been on Mommy, too. Sending lots of virtual healing hugs to you both!!