Friday, March 23, 2007

Lucy's surgery

Well ... Lucy survived her adenoid surgery. I am fairly certain that she expected this outcome. She was such a good sport. Her surgery was scheduled for 12:30 p.m. which meant that she couldn't eat all morning. She could drink until 9:30 a.m. but for those of you who really know Lucy, drinking is not her thing. She was happy most of the morning, I took her mind off her empty tummy by letting her splash in the tub and walk part of the way to the hospital (grandpa picked us up when Lucy started loosing focus). She remained in good spirits until about 11:30, when the hunger, tired and bored started kicking in. I went with her to the OR where I helped the anestesiologist put her under which was about the most traumatizing thing I have done as a parent up to this point (even more then going back to work ... and a year and a half later I am still not over that). The surgery went fast, it took her awhile to wake up enough to join me in recovery. She fell back asleep in my arms, and aside from the 5 minute car ride h ome, and a brief stint with grandpa spent from 1:30pm - 8:30 pm in my arms. She slept through the night and woke up almost her old self (minus the snoring and apnea). She started faltering late morning, and again tonight after 5pm. She is running a fever now, which the surgeon said is expected ... but as "normal" as it might be, I suppose it means another night of my heightened anxiety and checking in on her a lot. Lucy is a rock ... she's not as "out there" happy, but she is still taking all of this really well ... what a superstar she is!

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