Tuesday, March 27, 2007

zoo therapy

Lucy has been down and out for several days. Despite the surgeons claim that there is little or no pain with adenoid surgery ... Lucy was most definately in pain. I took her to the pediatrician on Monday and she had ear infections and chest congestion so they switched her antibiotics. Last night she slept great (waking up only once at 11pm). She seemed happy when she woke up so I decided we would go walk around the zoo a little, trying to avoid people but also just getting out of the house. I think she had fun being in charge of the pace of the walk. She wanted to go backwards, we went backwards, she wanted to splash in a puddle, we splashed, she wanted to pause for no apparent reason, we paused. I am sure the people behind us didn't appreciate the pace we kept, and the abrupt turns and stops but she deserved to be in charge of her life for the moment. Tonight she's already cried out once, and was grabbing at her ear when I went in to rub her back ... oh I hope she is on the mend. Lucy has found a new hilarious sport ... licking her mom. She pretends she's going to give me a kiss, and then at the last moment sticks her tongue out, grabs my hair traps me in and licks my cheek. She cracks herself up. I have been needing extra moisturizer. The adenoid surgery wasn't a sure fire cure to her liquid aversion, and her picky eating. She has finally incorporated some grains in her diet in the form of plain wheat bread, eaten crust first ... what a crackpot. Here are some photos from today, not the greatest but remember we were going at her pace, doing her thing and apparently pausing for photos wasn't her thing today.

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Kevin & Stacie said...

She's so cute! I hope she's feeling better soon- poor girl. By the way - I love your video - I had tried to watch it several times at work and I had to stop every time b/c I would end up crying (in a good way). I've since shared it w/ my husband and my mom. It makes us so excited for our own adoption! Thanks for sharing!