Friday, March 16, 2007

When I let her choose her own clothes...

She's a fashion icon ... Lucy had one of her first girl friends over last night. An older girl M (5 yrs) came for a visit. Lucy was in heaven. M took Lucy on as someone to entertain. Lucy let M lead her around all night, no problem. I think Lucy found her new hero. Even when her very special friend Isaac came over Lucy could barely stop playing with M to say hi to him. I think my girl has started having nightmares ... so sad ... what would she have nightmares about ... hmmmmmm . From what I can tell the things that are most disturbing to her at this point are: most foods, the car seat when the weather is nice, diaper changing, sitting still for any reason, and doing anything she doesn't want to do.
on a side note here is a link to a trailer about a documentary about HIV + orphan adoption, featuring the fabulous Erin (supermom to 10).

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Mama Papaya said...

Okay, so apparently adorable, smart and sweet Ethiopian girls come with the key to drive their mamas nutty. Of course Lucy couldn't be any cuter when she is doing it to you. :)

Carrie - who is now fearing tutus