Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Well ... knock on wood. I think Lucy is good to go. She is definately ready for a return to daycare (on Monday) as she has been singing a song that she learned at daycare. There are only two recognizable words but all the other "words" are very correct in her head as she says the same thing each time. It's a song in Spanish ... I love that she's learning Spanish at daycare, I just have to keep remembering to listen for it (thank goodness I know the language). She always says "si" instead of "yes" and will often say por favor in place of please. Very adorable little Spanish speaking Ethiopian girl. Tonight for dinner she ate an entire polish sausage. I find this incredible. Yesterday for dinner, she had spagetti with meat sauce. I cut the noodles up. Lucy normally doesn't "do" noodles but has in the past accepted spagetti noddles with meat sauce. Last night, she put a bite of spagetti in her mouth, and worked on it awhile ... before I knew it she spit out perfectly clean noodles and ate the sauce. She's pretty talented. It is sometimes irritating that I have a picky eater. It's the THINGS she's picky about. She won't eat rice or pasta ... it was only in the past week that she accepted bread. She gave up most crackers. Yogurt is a no go ... even in the midst of post-surgery she wouldn't eat posicles (that's ok with me!). Soup, no. Most meat she'll eat, especially if it's covered with katsup. Of all things ... she LOVES the Ethiopian yellow split peas with injera (yeah to this). One night she ate almost an entire can of peas, the next day, she wouldn't even look at them. Fickle fickle fickle.


Anonymous said...

You go Lucy Eskedar! Be unique! Say what you want to say and sing what you want to sing how ever it moves you! And the food thing, show us your skills. We need some more people who bring "life" to us all and you do that! Yes, it can be tough on mom but I think she would agree that what you bring and offer surpasses the pickiness. I will add that cheers need to go out to mom for her openness to this incredible/wise child she has chosen to raise.

Anne said...

Whew! I'm so glad to hear she's feeling so much better. She looks great and totally adorable, as usual!!

Isa is SO picky about food. I'm holding out hope that she'll warm up to the idea of eating different things. It happened around age 10 for my older daughters...just a couple years to go. :)

A Special Family said...

I have missed your blog during my time with no internet. So glad the surgery went well. Lucy, as always is adorable :)