Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring for real???

Well, hopefully we have seen the end of snow. Today was a warm and sunny day ... perfect for time outdoors. Lucy has me running scared that she is about to get sick again. First clue was the very random, very dramatic crying she did in the car this afternoon. It wasn't normal for her, not the frustrated cry, not the "I dropped Elmo" cry. I was scared to put her down for a nap expecting the worst. She woke up fine. Relief. We spent the afternoon/evening playing outdoors (see above photo). She was so funny, running around in her new shoes (see photo). She would scream hi to people, and sometimes start jabbering things at them (I am not sure I want to know what she was saying). She almost seemed relieved each time she would spot another human (my dog is the same way when she sees another dog). In the car on the way home she was singing. It was so cute, she would either jabber out the song (to the tune) or she would shout out the last word of the line. For example: Down by the BAY. Where the watermelon GROWS." etc. She knew words to songs that we rarely ever listen to. She's a genius, a musical genius. We get home from this fun evening and the little stinker is running a fever. Acting just fine, but running a fever. It's been exactly one week since the last fever. Does anyone know anything about kids that are ALWAYS sick???? Please tell me there is a problem that is right in front of my face that I just can't see. I am trying not to get too worked up. I am trying to have hope that she'll wake up fine and that maybe the fever was just from her playing so hard and singing so well.

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Jenn said...

I just have to tell you how sweet Lucy is! I found your blog via Owlhaven's blogroll. The photos of her and "Melmo" made me giggle. My 1 1/2 year old son has a love affair with the furry red guy too. He has that exact Elmo and also affectionly calls it "Melmo" Cute!