Sunday, April 8, 2007

Hopping down the bunny trail...

Lucy is mostly recovered from the fever in the last post. It's been popping up here and there (the fever) and it's a little odd but nothing else seems to be happening. We went to Bemidji a day late. Lucy did pretty well on the 4 1/2 trip up, despite the fact that she maybe slept for a total of 10 minutes the whole time. I was a little scared as we used up my tricks about 1 hour into the trip. The way back was a nightmare in a way. We left at 6 pm, and I was HOPING she'd stay awake until at least 7 pm. Well, I needn't have worried. Despite complete darkness and insanly boring lullaby's she stayed awake until we were about to exit the freeway to our home. She stayed awake until 10:45pm, almost three hours past her bedtime. I was a FREAK. It was definately a moment that I was frustrated and annoyed by my perfect child. I mean, who stays awake through that if they don't have to???? Well ... anyway we had a good time in Bemidji. Lucy fit right into the M-T family. She had two big sisters, one she felt was small enough to push around (not nice Lucy) the other was the one she wanted to follow around. Today (Easter) started out at 4:30 in the morning with two cops knock knock knocking on our door (or ringing the doorbell ... i dont'remember it was 4:30 a.m.). Lucy slept through the bell/knock and the dog bark. The cops were here to inform that the car had been hit once again parked out on the street. Not a fun moment. Hit and run ... Ummm and once again, public safety officials on the doorstep with me in my not so attractive pj's. Back to Lucy ... the real day started with grandma, grandpa and great-aunt Barb joining us for a walk through Mall of America's indoor amusement park. Lucy in her cute Easter dress/bonnet. We then joined auntie Jen for brunch at home ... and Lucy went down for a short nap. This afternoon Lucy and I went to some old friends for dinner and an Easter egg hunt fun fun fun.


A Special Family said...

Glad you had a nice time. I found out the song (I asked you about in the last comments) is Two of Us, but I really like the version you have. Do you know who sings it?

The pictures are adorable! Lucy is so sweet!! Glad she is all better :)

jayme & jon said...

It sounds like Izzie and Lucy are kindred spirits sleep-wise.

On the (overnight) flight home from Hawaii, Elijah conked out for the enrire trip. Isabel slept maybe 45 minutes (Of the 8 hour flight), while sitting in my (exhausted) lap. I wanted to sleep, she wanted to play. I was, ahem, mildly irritated.

I will say that her cuteness *almost* makes up for it.

Stacie said...

Such cute pictures - I love the Easter bonnet! I'm glad to hear she was feeling better for your trip! :)