Tuesday, February 24, 2009

These days ...

My new header: The beautiful photo on my new header was taken by Julie (Mel's sister). Given the fact that my child was quite the opposite of compliant and still, I think Julie was able to capture her brilliantly.

Lucy's health: I have started to react quickly to Lucy getting a fever that involves her nose/throat. Lucy seemed fine on Sunday night, went to bed late but seemed in good health. I remember in the middle of the night, the dog barked (he rarely barks) and I woke up wondering what was happening. I thought about Lucy (and of course, being slightly paranoid but also having a baby who went through RSV, then asthma, plus multiple multiple respiratory issues) and wondered if the dog barked because something was wrong with her, and I couldn't hear her snoring from her room, I sat up, listened, listened and finally heard her breathing, although it sounded different (hard to explain). Monday morning she wakes up crying and crying, fever and drooling everywhere. I had her to the doctor by 9am. Normally, I'd think, wait and see, viruses have fevers and it is cold/flu season here.

I am so glad I did. I have never seen Lucy get over a fever/swollen throat as fast as she did this time. She started antibiotics right away on Monday morning. I kept on top of ibuprofen (for inflammation) as well. Tuesday morning she woke up as bright eyed as ever. Can't even tell the girl is sick tonight. Whilst she was screaming at me (tantrumming) tonight I had a VERY clear view of her tonsils which are already down to their normally large size. I hope for a good nights sleep tonight.

Zep the dog: Zep the pup had his first "well dog" check up today. He looks good. Weighs 26.6 pounds (5 pounds less then Lucy). He got some more vaccines, and is set for flea/tic season. He is also registered for puppy school late in March, get him some puppy socialization, my goal is to have him already doing the stay command by then. He's a smart boy, in two weeks he has learned "sit", "outside", "no", and "go potty zep". He also knows but refuses to acknowledge "kennel".


Kerri said...

I LOVE your new header pic!!! Glad Lucy is back to normal.

Malia'sMama said...

Stay well, Miss Lucy! How are you liking be a Doggy Mama, too? :)