Friday, February 13, 2009

Lovely Lucy

We (Lucy and I) still have our ups and downs when it comes to behaviors. Some days I get scared that she has serious issues, other days it's just more annoying every day the clarity about who she is shifts.

There are days when I just want to cry, she can be so mean. There are day when she probably feels the same way about me.

She has however been consistently nice to our new dog. This gives me hope. She tears up in the morning when we leave because Zeppelin starts whining in the kennel and Lucy doesn't understand why we would leave him. She pets him, gives him attention, tries to play with him. This morning she fed him his food, bringing a few pieces to the dog at a time. It's the most Zep has eaten since he came home. Lucy also helped me bring the dog outside to go potty and held the leash while I cleaned up after Zep's successful mission. When I dropped her off at school today she said "I am excited to go home and see A Zep a lind". She gives me hope!


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Awww! A Zep A Lind is going to be best friends with her!

Okay, ready for some thoughts from someone who doesn't have a child (and most likely never will)? I see how she is around you and yes, I have seen her be a total brat to you (specifically you). I think she does it because:
a.) She knows it hurts/upsets you (a direct hit)
b.) She knows that no matter what she says/does you will love her anyways
c.) She's testing her borders

Chris said...

Sorry but I have a daughter who always knew how to push my botton. She is now 14 and NO IT DOESNT GET BETTER :(
LOL not a big help here huh

Nancy said...

We share the same heart regarding our girls. I was in tears last week and did make a call because I was so worried and then it all disappears. It's like something just needs to surface for her and in order to pass.

I'm so happy you got a dog Stacy. I wish I could allow myself to get one but I won't ever because it hurts too much when they go. I know that's weird but it's true. I still miss my dog from childhood - we all had such a deep connection to him.

Enjoy Zepplin. Mr. Plant would be honored.

Malia'sMama said...

I told you, Stacy! It's going to be another Beast meets Beauty love story just like the one we have going on here!! Your poochie is sooooo cute!!
Btw, come visit my blog today (the "bakin' with my babe" post :)

cathy said...

Hey friend, you know we're in the same boat with our girls... some deep stuff going on. But, at the end of the day they are amazing young women who have great moms!

I'll show Lily your dog this weekend and let her write you a comment.

Chris & Suzanne said...

hi there
it sounds like we're going through some very similar behaviour issues with our kids. my 9 year old boy can be very hurtful, rude, nasty, babyish and sometimes downright mean. it takes a lot of self control to deal with this negative behaviour without breaking down. don't worry though. so far it seems to go in spurts. 4 was a tough age. he seemed to mostly come out of it until this past summer. now he's testing again. your little girl will probably do something similar. just cherish the good times. she's going to test her limits with you the most simply because you're the person who loves her the most.

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

Set the boundaries and hold fast to them. If you don't, by the time Miss Lucy is nine, she will believe that inappropriate behavior is appropriate and will question YOUR sanity if/when you try to correct it in her pre-teen years.

I say use A Zep A Lind (I'm telling Led on her)as her currency. Strong will, brat, or pre bi-polar, stand your grounds and continue to do it as you do, with unconditional love.

***You are my shero for being transparent in your sharing***

Anonymous said...

I have to thank you for sharing your struggles. I am been at the very same place at times thinking something must be wrong. I had a wonderful friend remind me just a few weeks ago that my daughter will always be at her worst for me. After playing the roles of big sister, aunt and mentor this part of motherhood has been an adjustment. So if it helps you are not alone.
Congrats on your new dog!