Friday, February 13, 2009

The "other pups"


LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...
flat lined from laughing!

Heather said...

My kids love to do the same thing. Jacob puts his brother in the cage and then states "M killed me so he had to go to jail." I always make him release him on "bail."

cathy said...

**The following is a note from Lily. I had to give her the bad news that Zep is boy. I also told her what kind of breed he is. Still, she loves your dog!!!!

If your dog is a girl and it has babies can I have one? What kind of dog is it?


Kerri said...


Anonymous said...

As an African American parent, I would not advise you putting your African American adopted children in cages...we've come too far to let that old slavery imagery (sp?) back in the picture. I'm sure you did not mean any harm or disrespect of your children's ancestry, but it's just not OK. Just had to say so...

Stacy said...

anon ... thanks for the advice and comment. The kids put themselves in their, they thought it was hysterical. Since the dog has now been in that kennel for several nights I've made it off limits for them (the kids) because it's all puppified now.

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

Not stirring strife, but putting my money's worth in. I'm not getting anon's comment. I don't see the harm in children having fun. Let's let children be children for all the innocences it affords them for the time being...they will have to face the world's crap soon enough.

P.S. My children have gotten in dog cages, played in the dog run, and have even gotten into a newly built dog house just to "see what it felt like".

Again, I'm ROTFLMBO looking at "Miss Lucy" in one of her adventurious moments (at least she isn't testing Momma-Stacy's boundary lines with this one).

Anonymous said...

Dont mean to harp on the subject but, this is for "LoveNotes..." what you seem to not get is that our children, especially African Children were shipped to this country in CAGES! And, I would think with adopting children FROM AFRICA that the parents would be a little more sensitive to their ancestry and have sense enough NOT to put them in CAGES!!! I'm just saying... Anyway, Lucy and Morgan are still totally cute and adorable!

LoveNotes4CocoPrincess said...

Anon: I feel you and yes, I truly, I get "it" when it points back to our history.

I am African American and Habesha. My mother, a decedant of plantation dwellers uprooted from their families, kidnaped and crated around the world via the Middle Passage also. My Grandfather, Ethiopian, came to America as a young man, settled in at a time when there were zero to none Habeshas and began carving out a community niche for others to follow. I had to endure being the only child of color from K-3 grade and was subjected to various "animal" jokes and "what are you" to "let me touch your hair" (not in friendly tones I might add).

So, yes, I get "it". But I also want our children to have the luxury of being children until they can't be a child "no-mo".

I'm guilty of allowing my children to play in a puppy's cage to experience a puppy's view(that's the M.A. in Education and Policy Studies part of me coming out):) because I want children to have as much hand-on rich experiences as they possibly can.

From my perspective, Stacy has done nothing wrong in letting Lucy and Morgan explore what belongs to Zeppelin. As I stated, my own children have done the same thing and the last thing on my mind was not allowing them the experience because it was returning them to the scene of a crime in America's history.

Now, if Stacy were to use Zeppelin's cage as a "time-out" punishment place for Lucy and she blogged about it cluelessly...oh, you best believe I would call her out on it (as well as social agencies to check out her credentials and background to parent).

As I point out what is good with the cage and you point out what is bad with the cage, I say let the two views come together.

Stacy can scrapbook the photos and one day, when Lucy is old enough to understand the depth of African American history, she can ask Lucy about the day she got into Zeppelin's cage and how she felt. She can then have Lucy to imagine being put into a cage as a human being, full of God's image yet being cramped for months on a ship to be taken somewhere unknown to be robbed of his/her identity forever. This then opens up the diagoloue for slavery in America, racism, and how we treat one another as human beings.

If you would like to further discuss it, please feel free to email at my private e-mail address and let's talk. I'm open to learning and exchanging view points.

P.S. Sorry for taking your blogspace Stacy... :)

Stacy said...

anon and lovenotes ... aside from having an account of lucy's early years blogging is about community, sharing and learning. I appreciate so much that both of you have chimed in. When Lucy gets big and reads her printed blog with comments I am sure that she'll come to this and it will cause us to stop and discuss. It's good for me too to get feedback like this. Mostly right now Lucy is just my active, smart daughter and my time and energy is spent in getting through each day. I have no time/money/sitter for a social life and really (most days)would rather spend my time with her. Having a community surround us (even in the online sense) and help is so important. LoveNotes, I can't find a way to email you ... Stacy