Saturday, February 21, 2009

anyone know???

how to change teh size of the font in the header, and stretch the margins???? I needed to update the photo but now the layout kinda stinks.


Mindy and Baldwin said...

Try going into "customize" and go into fonts and colors to make the font bigger. The font size is at the very bottom of the scroll down menu.

For the picture, you have to do that on your computer- I don't think you can change its size on blogger.

Love the new picture!

Nancy said...

If you use the "Minima" template you can adjust the picture to pretty much any size. (540 x 220 is the size that I have up)

This is all I know to pass on to you.

Nancy said...

Oops I should say that "Minima" will accommodate pretty much any size but as Minday said you do have resize it on your computer - it may take several attempts to make copies of the photo.

As far as the font size (which I didn't answer), when you go to the page lay-out click "fonts and colors". There is an area "font size" where you can make it "smaller" or "larger".

Nancy said...

I have brain damage apparently and can no longer write!!!!!

"it may take several attempts SO make copies of the photo".

Sorry Mindy. Clearly your name is Mindy and not MindAy.

April said...

I don't know- but I love that picture of Lucy!!!

Christina said...

Absolutely no idea, but love the new pictures!

Kristy said...

I have no idea either but I love your blog and your pictures and clips of Lucy! Visit my blog anytime