Monday, February 23, 2009

The quiet before the storm

Sunday Lucy fell asleep in the car. She slept through the transfer to the sofa and over an hour later I tried to wake her up, she fell back asleep in quite a precarious position. Come this morning I understood the reason for the tiredness, poor Lucy was getting sick again. She woke up with a fever and one quick glance at her throat had us heading to the pediatrician. Her tonsils were swollen so much they met in the middle and I couldn't see through them. She's on antibiotics and has a (previously scheduled) appointment with the ENT specialist on Thursday.


pat2006 said...

LOVE the new picture of Lucy at the top of your blog. She's gorgeous!!!

Heather said...

I hope Lucy feels better soon! There seems to be a lot of bugs going around right now. I was home yesterday with a sick kid.

cathy said...

Is she any better today?


What a cute picture!

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